Monday, September 26, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Australia (Part 1)

Good Morning!
As i told you in previous post, i'll post my journey of Explorion today. hope you will enjoy it! :)
Yesterday, September 25th 2011, i don't remember precisely the time, it was afternoon i usual, browsing and tweeting become one of the activities that should not be missed by me. lol.
I was tweeting a lot that day, since my friends also tweeted a lot. So, I didn't want to lose. :D
Suddenly, a tweet posted by Aelke Mariska (@Aelke_mariska) popped out, i read it with a serious expression on my face.
It reads: "Bantuin aku cari sepedaku yang hilang dong!"
Confused? yes, i was.
As i was also worried, lol, then i replied it with my tweet.
Suddenly, other tweets popped out, and at that time i realized something...
Aelke's bicycle was stolen by someone! and she needs our help to get it back...
Then i heard a news that i can help her by joining a new online games by Pocari Sweat! yay!

The Journey begins!
Without thinking, finally i joined Explorion today! the journey was sure fast, this was the first time i went to Australia to get the first component of the missing bicycle.
The clue was a bit hard and tricky at the first time...but it was fun!
Along with Aelke, we journeyed from Jakarta to St. Mary Cathedral, Sydney. The jouney took more than six hours!
After a long jouney, we arrived at St. Mary Cathedral, in here someone suggested to us to go to Clarence Street. There is a bicycle shop called Clarence St Cyclery.
"I hope there is a similar part of the bike in this shop." I said to Aelke.
After we came to this green-ceiling-shop, the owner said to us that the part of the bicycle was sold. *sob sob* :"(
Suddenly, the owner of the shop gladly gave us the identity card of the holder! We were so excited and then tried to call the phone number...

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out smoothly...
we still needed to find the first three digits of Queensland's phone number...
It was hard to find it, so i decided to google it...and finally i found it!

So, it was +617...hmm, I tried to call it again, but still failed.
"I guess we should go to Queensland first" I told Aelke.
"Yeah, the journey is still far...far away..." she answered.

[To be continued]

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