Friday, September 30, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Australia (Part 3)

After explaining the reason of our sudden coming, Jack was gladly giving the first component to us! hwoa, i was really surprised. Finally, we found the first part, yatta! :D

[Ayers Wheel]

In return, Jack asked us to accompany him to Uluru, a sacred place for Aborigine tribe in Australia....and of course, we gladly accepted his invitation! Yay!

[taken from]

After one hour, finally we arrived there...
Ayers Rock was so Incredible!
Suddenly, Jack gave us a note written in spanish.
He said that the next clue was written there.
It reads "Si usted está buscando para la cesta, puede visitar nuestro sitio. Aquí está nuestro número: +54 XXXXXXXXXX"
"What does it mean?" Aelke sked me.
"Hmmm, i think we need a translator to translate it" i answered.

Then we decided to go to Melbourne first while trying to translate the notes.
Finally we met a translator who can translate the notes. He told us that we can find the other components of the missing bicycle in a country with an area code +54. But we were still confused and clueless...
" guess i need to google it again" i said.
And voila! finally we got the answer, Argentina was the city we were looking for!
After confirmed it once again, then we decided to go to South America.
"Sigh...the country is so far away, i guess our journey to find another part of the bicycle will be difficult" I said to Aelke.

South America we go! Vroommm~

[To be continued]

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