Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Australia (Part 2)

Today, we were traveling using a train, the next destination is Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland.
Let me check the map first...hmm...

[taken from google map]

If i am not mistaken the name of the bullet train is Countrylink....
The train was so faaasst! :D
Here's the picture:

[taken from]

The journey between was so awesome, after spending a day in the train, finally we reached Brisbane!

In Brisbane we tried to call the number again, and it worked! the holder told us his location!
With a happy feeling, we went together to Hervey Bay although it needed three hours to arrive there. But it was so fun! :D
Finally we arrived at Hervey Bay and met with Jack!
Whoa, the city is also so beautiful! check this out!

[taken from]

"I hope he will understand our reason coming there..." I spoke to myself.

[To be continued]

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