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A journey to Baron Beach: sea meets river & white lighthouse

Good morning!

As i've promised i'll share my trip from these past months, and yes finally i've graduated for my college! wohooo, finally i could trash away cherish all my hard works and all those w-wonderful m-memories i had for these past months! so say good bye to those dark happy days and good job everyone! otsukaresama!

And yes, after months full of tears and sweat i finally could enjoy my day off, this time i want to bring you to jogja, my second home. But no, i won't bring you to Malioboro or another busy street full of people in jogja, but instead, i'll bring you to baron beach! yups, this was my third time coming here, so i want to feel another experience we all could taste! so, as you know, baron beach is located on Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta province.

The crowded baron beach

According to the legend, this place was named after Baron Skeber, a man from spain, (or dutch from another source) who traveled and landed on this beach a long time a go. Put the history aside, this beach could be reached from yogyakarta after a 40 km journey by car or bus. As i told you before, there is another way to enjoy this beach, this time i'd bring you to the lighthouse by hiking to the hill on the left side of the beach. You only need to pay idr 5000 on the entrance and if you want to enter the lighthouse, of course you need to pay more. The hike was quite challenging and tiresome as the hill is quite high and the heat was unbearable, but don't you worry, along the way you could rest at a rest stop and drink or eat some snacks sold at warung-warung (read small shop) here. The track isn't difficult, but you need to be extra careful as sometime you'll find a slope stairs with no hold. But if you don't wanna tire your leg, you can just drive your motorcycle (lol) right to the lighthouse, but you gotta enter from another street near the entrance faaaar from the beach.

You could also take a picture along the hike, the view is quite good (for selfies of course)

Spot the stream of the river?

You could just stop and enjoy the view

Halfway through
And finally the peak (pfft) of the hill and the tall figure of the lighthouse.

Spot the balcony? there are space for you to rest off

Santorini wannabe

As soon as we reached the lighthouse, we'll be welcomed by a spacey parking lot (lol) and a taaall white building. The space inside the lighthouse is quite large and you'd definitely need extra power again to climb the round stairs inside. But dont worry, you'll find a rest stop along the stairs which is connected to a door straight to the balcony, and of course the view is as amazing as the top view. The view will gradually change when you climb the rest of the stairs!

When skies meet the sea

Another street to the lighthouse

What a view! 

and oh, please be cautious when climbing the top stairs as it is a vertical one! and please bring your things as trash and belonging back down and keep the wall clean!

See ya!

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ただいまもどりました! I'm back!



I-I cannot believe i survived these past years full of horrendous and murderous intent coming from all around me while doing my beloved thesis. I know it has been a long time since i wrote something on my-so-called-travel-blog, but now i'm excited to write more! Since i was doing great on my thesis (wish me luck so that i could graduate soon) i decided to give a rest time for myself and here comes the urge to write on the blog. So, as you might know, i was planning on making a travel blog (which of course) telling you some destination i've been traveled so far in my life. But, so many things come and go, yet i could only promise to myself to write a story about it in (at least) one paragraph, and so far i have several drafts to post, buut im not sure i'll post it sometime soon! maybe if there's a good news on my thesis, i'll post it ASAP!


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2012 - 2013! WHAT  A WONDERFUL YEAR(S)!

I wish i could brag write some of my travel experiences but sadly and unfortunately my thesis needs more attentions than other so-called-important things (including the urges to travel again) in my adventurous (lol) life. So, after a full consideration, and for a better future and wife i've decided to travel more dedicate myself onto a pile of paper, thick book, and more boring useful stuff to study!




A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles ~Tim Cahill~