Monday, September 30, 2013

An otaku journey: AFAID 2013


Welcome to another journey of mine!

This time i'd bring you to my journey as a weaboo, and guess what! AFAID comes again this year! So exciting as this would be my first experience as a japanese literature and culture enthusiast to experience another culture coming from japan and this time it's in my own country! Why am i so excited? you might find out later!

So what's AFAID? if you're an otaku, you'd be familiar with this event. Yes, AFAID stands for Anime Festival Asia (in) Indonesia. This yearly anime-and-manga-related event held at several big countries in Asia, and this time they visited Indonesia! For this year, the event was held in JCC and there'd be some japanese artist, singer, international cosplayers, anime-manga-related stuff, and big events!

The road to another alternate dimension 

My first impression is what-the-hell-are-these-homan-doing-in-the-morning and yes from the picture above you can see that it was soooo crowded, although it was just seven in the morning but the line was super long. I was coming like at 6.30 but the line was already formed and it was a HOT morning! I was experiencing another line like this back in tokyo but this time it was the way around! THE SUN IS PIERCING LIKE A HOT FIREBEAM! Luckily (after like three hours under the sunbeam) i got my ticket and already on the next line to the entrance (insert dramatic bgm here).


THANK GOD I MADE IT HERE *wipes sweat and tears*

Guess whos the singer? XD

AKIBA feels 

Another poison for you

Gatcha machine


Cosplayer doing their battle things :p 

As i ordered Exhibition and Stage ticket, i got my access to the stage area, which means i could see artiste and cosplayer's meet and greet! and this is why i was so excited, there'll be TM REVOLUTION meet and greet. and I GOT HIS SIGNED POSTER! AWWWYEAH!

Got his signed poster, exclusive for 10 persons only :p

Guess who's thaaaatt
I was so loss at words, at first i just sat on random seat without knowing that the seat was numbered, and when there was an poster giveaway, they mentioned my seat number! so lucky!

see you onto the next afaid!

-----------------------------------bragging ends here--------------------------------------

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