Friday, July 06, 2012

Japan Trip with @pocariID (Part 7)


Some miracles happened that day i couldn't wait to tell you! Yesterday really left me speechless, spent too much mohney in just the second day in Japan but it was so woooorth it! Akiba was definitely a land of miracle! and traps! lots of it! (LOL if you know what i mean) 3 hours of live action dreams was coming true! If i visit back there (and i will definitely) i've promised myself i'll go all crazy on spending more time in akiba. Too many alley and street you'd never want to miss, and secondhand shop full of good goodies. Yes, i'm that broke, but hey secondhand shop here do sell expensive looking brand with cheap price but still untouched! (well, mostly it was CDs, electronic stuffs, heavenly goodies that never been used before or the seller usually just want to get the bonus that comes with the goodies and then sell the rest!) so you need to keep a keen eyes! who knows you're gonna get your dream stuff with half the price! There are many anime related stuff and foods too, so just open your eyes as big as a tennis ball when you visit akiba, just in case you'd miss something!


ANYWAY! let's leave akiba for now, there'll be no end if i wanna talk about it (and you know why) let's move on onto the next day! DAY THREE! wohoo, still remember about the miracle i mentioned before on the start of this babbling mumbling unclear blogs of mine? no! not a secondhand waifu i did found in akiba, but something else purer (well, waifu is pure too?) something definitely beautiful, and looks yummy when you put syrup on it (?) no, wrong guess again. i didn't talk about food or drinks, im talking about yuki, yes YUKI (read: snow in japanese) so wow right, yes tadaaa it's snowing on shinjuku!

I thought it was raaaaain :p

Shinjuku was raining with SNOW (yes i know, i never touch, feel, lick snow powder before, because i lived on a tropical country, sadly no snow) and yes! witnessing (and licking) snow were one of my dream! if you live in a snow country well scr*w you, but as you could see im so fvcking excited as it was my first experience licking seeing snow with my own eyes, on my last day in TOKYO! i could not believe what my eyes were seeing! that morning i was waking up early as i couldn't sleep well, until the dawn came and i found something unusual on my big hotel window (and i couldnt keep my eyes away from it!) when i thought it was only a usual rainy morning but i was guessing wrong! when the sun came piercing through the big tall building surrounding the shinjuku gyoen, i was sure something white and fluffy was floating slowly, and i was like speechless until i hit my own face! IT WAS SNOWING! HARD! WITH SNOW! SO LUCKY!

starring down the white wonderland from my big window

winter wonderland

For people in 4 seasons country, this might be a stupid thing to write but hell, it's uncommon for me. seeing dat big chunk pile of snow covered most of my land of dream and turned it into white is like watching another upgraded dream i wasn't asking for! it was a big surprise for me! when i stepped out from my hotel and embraced it for the first time i was like seeing a big playground made of shredded ice coming from a giant fridge! (wait, that's a weird analogy, but who cares!) It was the beginning of spring season but i still could taste the beauty of winter i never dreamed of! snow was unlikely to fall this time, but it was falling hard on my last day in tokyo! coincidence? yes! but im still grateful for it! i just starred there from my hotel window in silence, alone, like a fool after my subuh prayer till the sun was out! definitely one of the best morning i've ever had in my life! forever grateful for it! LET'S SEE SNOW AGAIN NEXT TIME!

Sadly, we needed to move our ass and off to another island! funny feeling but we were going to fly again among the snow so i was happy! so fasten your seat belt!      

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