Saturday, May 04, 2013



Hisashiburi desu! It's been a long time since my last (travel) post!

This time i'd like to show you my preferences in Japanese music. FOUND A REALLY GOOD SONG! the title is RE: I AM by aimer-san (read: eme-san). The song itself is used as a BGM for Gundam UNICORN, HERE THE VID!

Who is AIMER? she's a mysterious (well, till now, i could only hear her voice) looking singer, blessed with a pure, kind-of sharp tone and sweet voice. I knew her since her song for bleach and natsuyuki rendezvous, but this song is just different!

Here's the lyric i really like:

君の歌声は 降り注いだ雨のサイレン 

That's for today! Maybe i'll post all i know about her in a post near in the future. Stay tune!

Trivia: if you reassembled the title of the song, it could also be put into another word!
Re: i am = Aimer, coincidence? i dont think so.


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