Friday, October 07, 2011

A journey with Aelke: South America (Part 3)

Finally we reached La Paz...
There was no flight to Manaus, so we needed to transit first at Lima, Peru.
But an accident happened at Lima, I lost my passport and the other documents! Just my luck! :(
In the end, Aelke helped me to find my passport and i found it!
fyuh...i was sweating a lot because of this.
"I guess it is the perfect time to drink Pocari Sweat."

The journey from Peru to Manaus needed approximately 10 hours....i was really lucky i brought enough Pocari Sweat to help maintaining my body condition in the middle of a long journey.

After arrived at Manaus, we decided to go straight to Vivaldao. Whoa, the stadium is so big!

[Taken from imageshack]

We were so clueless until a man told us that he knew where Pedro's friend was!
He said that he exchanged address with Pedro's friend once...Oh, thanks God! :D
It turned out that Pedro's friend lived Caracas, Venezuela...Gotcha!
Then we journeyed to Venezuela, after a while finally we met Pedro's friend and he made a handlebar for us! lucky!

[De Las Manos Bar]

Finally, we obtained the second part of the bicycle. After saying goodbye to Pedro, we decided to take a rest. I bought a newspaper, and there was an article that mentioned the other part of the bicycle!
"Look at this! i found the other components of the bicycle!" I said to Aelke.
" the next part is located at Canada" Aelke answered.

[To be continued]

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