Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A journey with Aelke: South America (Part 2)

The journey continued.
It was a long journey to Pedro's homeland....but finally we reached it!
In the middle of the journey, Pedro asked us a question related to Copiapó's flag and we needed to answer the question in spanish. The question is "How many round mark in Copiapó's flag?"
can you help us? :)

[Taken from wikipedia]

"Yup, that's right...the answer is Twelve or Doce in spanish...thank you so much for the answer! :D"
In Copiapó, Pedro assumed that his friend lived in the north side of South America. From the letter he received, there was a note from his friend written in spanish. Fortunately, there was a part of the letter which was written in English. It reads "If you want to visit me, you have to transit on La Paz, the highest capital city in the South America."

After a short rest, Padro agreed to accompany us to go to La Paz...
before we went to lapaz, i found a picture of Estadio Vivaldao in the letter. I thought it must be the next destination, and we decided to go to La Paz first....up up we go! :D

[To be continued]

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