Friday, November 11, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Japan (Part 3)

Finally we arrived at Tokyo! The eastern capital at Japan!
According to some people, Tokyo is the world's largest metropolitan area and economy, overcoming New York as the second largest! [quoted from wikipedia]

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Besides bullet train and other transportation, bicycle is widely used in Japan for daily life by people of all age group, so it's common to see children, students, even office workers riding a bicycle to go to school, office etc. They even have their own bicycle parking area at train station, and many other places!

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They even have a unique parking are for bike with two floors! creative, isn't it? :D

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After we arrived at Shibuya Station, Tokyo, we decided to rest for awhile, enjoying the view of the city, and visited Hachiko statue in front of the station!
"So, this is the legendary Hachiko." i said to myself.

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Kenji said to us that our next destination would be Sendai, the prefecture in Japan which took a great damages after Tsunami on march, 2011.
We still could see the remains of the houses which were floated by the tsunami.
Inside the train, we saw the Hirose river.
"The river is very famous in this area." kenji said
"Do you know, there is a popular song by Muneyuki Sato in which hirose river appears in the lyrics, that's why this river becomes the symbol of sendai." he explained to us
Both of us shook our head together while imagining the destruction when tsunami came...

After a long journey, our train stopped at a city which was inaugurated at 1898, Aomori city. Our next destination would be Hokkaido, so we decided to take a ship. After checking our document and baggage, including Pocari Sweat, we took a car to a harbor which took 8 hours to go!
After an exhausting trip, finally we took a ferry, leaving Hoshu island to Hokkaido.

In Hokkaido, we traveled to Sapporo. Kenji said that a part of the bike might be located at a clock tower called Sapporo Tokeidai by the citizen.
In here, we found the next component of the bike!

[Bushido Gear]

Sadly, our journey at Japan with Kenji ended at Hokkaido. We had to take the morning flight to our beloved country, INDONESIA! :)
Arigato Kenji, hope to see you again next time! :)

[To be continued]

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