Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Japan (Part 2)

Our trip quickly passed in Japan, I didn't realize that we had spent five days in here.
Yesterday, we met a guy named Kenji in Universal Studio Japan, at Osaka. He offered helps as a guide to Sapporo city. Yay!
After staying for a night in Kenji's house at Nagoya, he invited us to visit a famous garden where a company of Japanese ceramics located. In here, we saw the creation process of ceramics like jars, vases, etc in the showroom provided for the guests.

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After an exciting trip to Noritake Garden, we walked to Nagoya Station as it only took 15 minutes to reach. We discussed our next destination, and finally decided to go the most crowded city in Japan. I will tell you later about it. lol. :p

We used bullet train from Nagoya station, and in the middle of the journey, Kenji said that in Shizuoka city there would be a Street Performance for World Cup!
"It will be held around November." Kenji said.
"Sounds exciting, eh?" i answered.

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Finally, we arrived at a station. Kenji didn't want to tell us where the station was located.
"It is called as the "Eastern Capital" in Japan." he only gave this clue while smiling.
After guessing in a couple of minutes, finally i got the answer from the passenger next to us.
"The answer is Tokyo, isn't it?" I confirmed my answer to Kenji.
He could only smile when hearing the answer and then said that it was correct. yes!

"So, our next journey is Tokyo? I am looking forward to it!"

[To be continued]

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