Monday, November 07, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Japan (Part 1)

Yosha! Finally we arrived at Japan!
Both of us were admiring Japan so much! The rich-cultures, dazzling cities, wonderful view, and kind citizen welcomed our trip here. We were so excited! :D
As you might know already, Pocari Sweat, the refreshing "ion supply drink" which we always brought in our journey, was born here! sugoi!

[read the History of Pocari Sweat here]

After a long journey from South Korea, finally we arrived at Fukuoka city, Japan. Similar with China and Korea, Japan also has its own syllabary called Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. People here tend to speak in japanese rather than in other languages, so we found a difficulties to find people who could speak Indonesian or English.
We finally decided to watch Sumo wrestling first while trying to find people who could help us to find the other parts of the bike. We arrived at the place where the Kyushu Basho tournament would be held. Sadly, this annual tournament would be held next month!
Honestly, i really wanted to watch sumo tournament, but we had no other choices. *deep sigh*

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At last, we met somebody who could speak english, thanks goodness.
We got an information that the next parts of the bike located at Sapporo, North Japan. But we had to go to Hiroshima first, somebody told us that we could see the remains of War of the World in a monument called A-bomb Dome or Genbaku dome mae in Hiroshima city.
After two-hours trip, finally we got the location of the monument through a map and arrived there.

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After taking our short transit at Hiroshima, we traveled to Osaka, and decided to go to the Universal Studio Japan! Hontouni shiawase da! :D

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"It will be so much fun if we can spent a day here..." I said to Aelke.

[To be continued]

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