Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Europe (Part 2)

The skies turned nearly dark when we arrived at the promised location. Both of us stopped in a bus stop in front of a large cemetery. Our mind was still blank when we decided to get off from the bus. As the journey took almost half of the day, we were also tired.
"I see no one, are you sure we didn't take the wrong bus stop?" Aelke asked me.
I could only answer her question with a confused expression on my face.
"I was sure that we took the right friend, Dimitri, said he would wait at a park near a cemetery..." i answered.
Then i took out and showed her the picture...

"It is the same right? lychakiv cemetery" I told her quietly.
The skies were getting darker and darker, the wind gave us an uneasy feeling, but Dimitri never showed up.
Suddenly, a bell sound rang loudly from the park near the cemetery. Both of us were very surprised. It was Dimitri! He rode a bicycle alone. Thanks god. Both of us felt a bit scared. I sighed deeply and relieved, luckily it was not a ghost!
Dimitri said he was late because of work, so we didn't feel angry with him.
In return, Dimitri gave us the frame of the bicycle and said that he would accompany us to get the other parts of the bicycle! great!


We continued the journey together with Dimitri as our tour guide. lol.
In the middle of the journey, Dimitri told us a story about a museum with a horror name. It was located in Budapest. He said that the place was originally a place where the Russian Dictator Rezim took place. Scary, isn't?

The next destination was Salzburg, Austria. We were enjoying the scenery of that place so much. This city was full of old and big building. Dimitri told us that there was a famous tour of musical movie in 60th.
"The tour is called The Original Sound of Musc Tour." he said.
"Wow...It must be great, right? i want to see it" i answered to Dimitri.

[To be continued]

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