Monday, October 17, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Europe (Part 1)

New Journey at a new continent began...
The manager of the museum in Ottawa gave us two tickets to Norwegian as he had another business trip to another country. Once again, we took a long journey to a new continent, Europe! Bonjour...Europe! :D

We arrived at Oslo after a couple days, it was snowing in there so we bought a warm clothes in the middle of the journey.
We decided to take bus to the center of the city as we could not afford to buy an airplane ticket. We still had a long journey to go, so saving the money was the right choice.
In the middle of the journey, we saw an old building called Det Kongelige Slott. The other passengers in the bus told us that it was the royal palace that had 173 rooms! gasp!

From Oslo we went to Larvik, in here we took Color Line Ferry to go to Skagen in Denmark. After a day, we arrived at Skagen port and took a bus to Berlin.
One of the passenger on the bus told us a story when Germany split into two, and he suggested that we should visit the DDR museum if we wanted to know the whole history.
After a quick visit to the museum, we decided to go to Lviv as soon as possible since it took 12 hours to go there by car!

[To be continued]

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