Friday, November 04, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Asia (Part 3)

Lee agreed to accompany us to Shanghai. He said that we should transit first at Changsa, the capital city of Hunan.

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The next morning, all of us had a short exercises around the city. After jogging and cycling for an hour, we took a rest in a park, enjoying a bottle of Pocari Sweat to regain our energy. :D
The next day, we went to the auction place where the other components of the bike would be sold. It was located near Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center. Firstly, we had to buy a formal dress, as Lee said that the auction would be attended by millionaire.
After an hour, we tried to locate the exhibition center using GPS in my cellphone. The place was difficult to find, but at last we found it!

As lee said before, the auction was attended by so many millionaires! After a long and hard struggle, at last we got the part of the bike!

[The caspian chain cover]

Thanks to Lee, we also got a ticket to Busan, South Korea! Yay!
At the Gimhae international airport, i nearly forgot to buy Pocari! Gosh!
Fortunately, Aelke reminded me to buy it first before we went to the next place where Pocari Sweat was born! JAPAN! tanoshimi ni shite imasu! :DD

[To be continued]

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