Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Asia (Part 2)

Our next destination was Bangladesh.
Although the politic condition here was a bit heated up because of so many conflicts, we still continued to explore another beautiful place here. One of them was Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest in the world which became one of the seven world wonders' candidate. [sources : wikipedia]. We got this information from the bus driver with a lot of efforts as the driver didn't speak English. lol.

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Actually we wanted to explore this wonderful place, but we got to find another part of bicycle! we almost forgot about that. lol.
Finally, we moved to Myanmar...
The journey to Myanmar took three days and it was really exhausting. Moreover, we could only find a truck to take us to the next destination. In this hard time, a bottle of Pocari Sweat really recharged our energy. yay! Pocari Sweat time!

After a while, finally we arrived at Inle lake Shan Hills!

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The beauty of the lake amazed us, we decided to stay overnight in a small hostelry so that we could enjoy the tourism attractions in this lake like canoeing, bicycling, and tracking in the following day! I was getting impatient! :D

Sadly, we had to move to the next destination and after a week, eventually, we reached Kunming, the capital and largest city of Yunnan, Southwest China!
I decided to visit a mosque at Kunming named Nancheng Mosque. According to the people here, the mosque was built for almost four hundred years ago!!

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After praying and resting for a while, we
decided to move to other cities, suddenly someone named Lee greeted us and said that he knew the other components of the bike! Lucky!
Lee got a news that the component would be sold in an illegal aution in Shanghai! We should go to Shanghai now! Hurry up!

[To be continued]

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