Friday, October 14, 2011

A journey with Aelke: North America (Part 3)

Our visit to Greensboro ended shortly...
We continued our journey to Washington DC and took a short trip watching the white housefrom afar.
James said that this building was built from 1792 until 1800. I and Aelke didn't want to miss this kind of chance and took a picture together with James. Yay, it was so fun!

[taken from]

From Washington DC we continued our journey to a famous street called "Crossroads of the World" at Times square, New York! There were a lot of big shops which sell famous brand of clothes, shoes etc. Wow, my eyes suddenly turned blink-blink! :D

[taken from]

Sadly, we had to separate with James as he should go back to his home. Thanks for your help, James! bye! :D
I heard that the other components of the bicycle was located at a museum in Ottawa, Canada. So we continued our trip there.
After a couple of days, finally we reached Ottawa, but we were clueless...

After asking the location of the museum, finally we got a clue that the part that we were looking for located in Canadian Science and Technology Museum! There was a similar saddle in that museum where old-bicycles around the world were kept.
In the end, we met the manager of the museum and he gladly gave the saddle which was not displayed in the museum. Great! :D

[The saddle of Liberty]

After resting a while in a hostel, i tried to find the other parts on internet...and i found it!
"The next location is Lviv, Ukraine! I have a friend there, i hope i can meet him there!" I said to Aelke
"Are you sure? that's great!" she answered.

[To be continued]

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