Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A journey with Aelke: North America (Part 2)

We were still half-asleep when James suddenly woke us up as we finally arrived at Texas.
"James is awesome, he drove all the way here." I said quietly to Aelke.
When we opened our eyes, we could see the beautiful scenery of a desert. It was a bit hot, but we had no Pocari sweat left! :(
Luckily, there was a gas station near our location.
"I need to fill my tank first, we can rest in here for a while" James said to us.
"Ok, let me check our next destination using my Nexian mobile phone" I answered.
So where is the capital city of Texas, hmm?

After bought a lot of Pocari Sweat, we rushed to the next location as the weather wasn't really friendly for us! vrooom~~
To kill my boredom, i turned on the radio and the soundtrack of Pocari Sweat was played! It sounded really jazzy, and James said he liked it so much. Do you want to hear it too? :D

After listening to the music, James suddenly wanted to show us the city where jazz was born! It was New Orleans!
After a short sight-seeing, we continued our journey to Greensboro, North Carolina. In here, we had a quick visit to Carolina theater! awesome! :D

[taken from flickr]

We decided to take a rest for a while as the weather wasn't really friendly. :(

[To be continued]

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