Monday, October 10, 2011

A journey with Aelke: North America (Part 1)

The journey continued to North America.
Both of us still tried very hard to find another missing part of Aelke's bicycle. At least, we got two parts already, and were very grateful for that. We had a chance to see the most famous places in the world no one would ever imagine....thanks to Pocari Sweat. :D

In this rainy day, finally both of us decided to go to Canada...Although we were short in money, but we never gave up. As good thing will come to people who are doing their best and working hard. :)
We took a plane to Benito Juarez, and then decided to ride a bus.
Tijuana was our next destination and we journeyed to north of Mexico.
It was a really looooongg journey. We had to take a rest in some places before reached there. Fortunately, Aelke bought more Pocari Sweat in the middle of the journey. Great!
After a 30-hours journey, finally we arrived at a bus stop at Tijuana.
As we were short in money, we decided to take a ride from a passing car. After an hour, finally we got a ride! We were so lucky!
The driver's name is James, and he was pleased to take us to the next destination.
But we had to visit a place first called San Diego. James said there was a famous place for an animal exhibition! cool! :D
Let me check the map first!

[taken from google map]

The next place we would like to visit was Phoenix city. James said he wanted to buy some logistic for the trip at a big mall called Desert Sky Mall. It was located at 75th avenue, Thomas route.
Hwoa, It is big, isn't it? :D

After a while, James told us that he wanted to go to the country of cowboys, Texas! Yihaa! :D

[To be continued]

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