Friday, October 21, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Europe (Part 3)

An hour earlier, Dimitri told us to prepare warm clothes as we entered Bern city.
The city was covered by snow as it was already winter, and it was really cold.
But we could enjoy the trip as we brought a lot of Pocari Sweat
"It is amazing" i said to them, i even lost my word. :D

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There was a lot of landmarks in this city, including a guard tower, clock tower, jail, etc.
"I hope i can visit it one by one...I really wanna try snow-boarding" i said to Dimitri.

But the journey must be continued. After passing Switzerland, finally we arrived at Toulouse, France! Dimitri told us that he got a call from his friend from Toulouse, they were busy talking in France, and i couldn't even understand what they were talking about. lol

"My friend is a committee of a famous bicycle racing called Tour de France in this city...he said that he wanted to meet me at Capitole de Toulouse, i believe he has another part of the bicycle." Dimitri said to us.

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Of course, we gladly accepted the invitation and agreed to accompany him.
Finally we met Dimitri's friend and he gave us the fork part of the bicycle! now the frame and the fork were completed!

[The grand tour Frame]

We had to go to Morocco first. Before going there, we stayed at a hostel first to take a short rest. Our hostel was located near San Bernando station, Seville.
The next day, we went to Gibraltar.
"I guess it is time to say goodbye, adieu Europe!" :(

[To be continued]

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