Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Asia (Part 1)

Finally, we departed from Africa and arrived at Tehran after a 12-hours flight. We were very thankful to the scientist in Witwatersrand university who gave us free airplane tickets to the next continent! Once again, we are very grateful, thank you sir! :D

After a tiring journey, we decided to take a short rest. Fortunately, we found Pocari Sweat in a store near the airport.
"It's time to recharge!" i said to Aelke while laughing.
After a while, someone informed us that the other parts of the bicycle was stolen! we were a step too late. :(
This person said to us that we might found someone who knew about the clue at a place where 17 palaces was located. "But where is it?"

[Taken from googlemap]

Somebody told us that the right place was Golestan palace in Tehran. After a quick trip to the palace, we found another clue and continued our journey to Wagah, a city located between Amritsar, India and Lahora, Pakistan. The city located at the road border between and is the only way to get through the country. Fortunately, we found no difficulties in this place as we brought our travel documents and passed all administration process.

During a long journey to the east, we decided to take a rest in an internet cafe near New Delhi. We showed the picture of our next destined place to the the waiters here but no one knew. After browsing it on google, finally i found it!
"So it is Kathmandu, the capital and the largest metropolitan city of Nepal." i said to Aelke.

[Taken from wikipedia]

"I wonder where we will go next, i am so excited!" Aelke answered.
[To be continued]

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