Friday, October 28, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Africa (Part 3)

Our car finally arrived at Zambia. But the this country was a bit dangerous, since there was a conflict that could endanger us. So, we avoided the zone that enlisted as a risky area such as the democratic republic of Congo.
Our condition was getting worse as the temperature reached 35° C! Pocari Sweat really became our savior.
"I hope we can reach our next destination faster..." Aelke said.

After two days full of extremely fearful and tense atmosphere, our journey was paid when we arrived at living stone city, Zambia. There is a really beautiful and magnificent waterfall called Victoria falls. It is located between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Some sources listed this giant waterfall as the largest waterfall in the world!

[taken from]

Both of Aelke and Youssef enjoyed this view so much, and so did i! We spent almost a day and gradually loved this place! :D
Of course we didn't want to miss a chance to swim and take a picture here! so get ready! :D

Sadly, our amazing adventures in Victoria falls ended. We didn't want to forget our priority to get the missing part of the bicycle here, so we continued our journey! :)

Our next destination was South Africa, we needed to find the scientist in a university at Johannesburg. Youssef said to us that the scientist was also an expert lecturer in this university. He is majoring the mining studies.
Youssef gave us a the picture of the university, can you help us this time?

[Taken from wikipedia]

So it was witwatersrand university eh? thanks for your help! :D
We waited until the scientist ended his lecturing, and luckily he gave us the other missing parts of the bicycle. Thanks a lot, sir!

[The freedom chain]

What an amazing adventure! Let's go to the next continent! :D

[To be continued]

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