Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A journey with Aelke: Africa (Part 2)

Our short coming to nigeria was amazing, i never thought that there was a lot of beautiful places in Africa.
Youseff suggested to us to go to Cameron as soon as possible. There was a hiking team that invited and awaited us in a national park at Cameron.
Can you guess where the national park is?
Correct! it is Douala National park!
As the weather was not really friendly, sadly we had to cancel the hiking. But don't worry, Youssef would take us to another beautiful place in Uganda.
The beautiful view and landscape really amazed us. We tried Rafting in white nile, Uganda. It was an exciting adventure! My adrenaline rushed so fast! I was grateful we could try this extreme sport at the most beautiful river in Jinja, Uganda. :D
But our journey nearly stopped as there was a conflict in neighbor-country, Tanzania.

Fortunately Youssef knew some citizen in Tanzania and rent a car that would escort us to pass the war zone. But we had to find more citizen to accompany us so that we would not lost and our journey to the war zone secured.
Luckily there was five people whom agreed to accompany us. Thanks God.

[To be continued]

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